Another Social Worker for Justin Bibb for Mayor!

After hearing Justin Bibb’s interview with the Cuyahoga Progressive Caucus, reading his response ( to CSU Law School Dean Lee Fisher’s open letter to the next mayor, and learning of his endorsement by Our Revolution (coming out of the Sanders campaigns), I decided to endorse and support Justin's campaign, with the proviso however that I can't vote for him. I live in Bratenahl Place on Lake Erie in Bratenahl, an enclave surrounded by Cleveland, but part of the CMSD, and whose residents typically vote well over 75% in favor of CMSD levies. I also work and pay taxes in Cleveland however.

We need a Mayor with a vision like Justin Bibbs, and one who is not beholden to city politics as usual. I am hoping that Mayor Bibb will appoint a Deputy Mayor or Chief Advisor for Education, not just to advise him on CMSD matters, but on all related education matters such as Pre-K, Child care, after school care, Say Yes Cleveland, College Now!, the many other tutoring and mentoring programs, adult education, illiteracy, i.e. education write large.

The appointee could also begin a community conversation on a plan for how to return school board democracy to Cleveland, and could work for a truly constitutional system of school finance, as I argued in a 2014 PD op-ed posted here to Medium:

We need a mayor who can appoint a Deputy Mayor or Chief Advisor for Youth Affairs to focus squarely on youth recreation, youth culture, youth employment. juvenile justice, and an entirely new approach to youth violence prevention. As I argued in the PD in 2017, our kids need hope that this isn't all there is:

As a social worker, as a sociologist, and as a citizen, I call on conservative, moderate, liberal, progressive, and democratic socialist Clevelanders to join together in advocating for us to work together pragmatically across sectors (public, nonprofit, market), religious differences, and political differences, and to prioritize meeting human needs in a pragmatic manner in the years to come, as I argued last fall in the PD:

I feel Justin Bibb is the best Mayor to lead the city in which my father was raised and near where (Maple Heights) I lived until age 5 , returning here to work full-time in 2007. As I write, Justin Bibb has more total donors from within Cleveland proper than all the other candidates put together. That is a sign of true grassroots support. Just as the nation's eyes turned to Buffalo when a nurse, community activist and democratic socialist, India Walton, was won the primary for Mayor of Buffalo. I feel that another young visionary advocate is well-positioned to govern Cleveland and return it to the national spotlight.

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Michael A. Dover

Michael A. Dover

Michael A. Dover is a social worker, a sociologist, a social work educator, and a theorist of human needs and human injustice. Views here are my own.